My School Dinners

The criticisms of my French school canteen from the point of view of a teenager

Hello world!

Hi everyone,

After reading all the stuff in the news about the blog ‘Never Seconds’, I realised that actually my school dinners are a lot worse than hers and that the world needs to know just how bad school dinners can be.

Let me tell you a bit about me. I am 14 year old girl who relocated to France almost a year ago with her family to an area in the heart of the French alps. I go to a French school there and arrived just in time for the opening of their brand new ‘bio’ ( Eco friendly, healthy, organic) canteen. Although the year has been fairly difficult and different nothing shocked me as much as their supposedly amazing canteen.

My brother was the first to experience it. The first day they made a very big effort with the food. They made cute little pains au chocolats and croissants and had good quality fruit juices in a bid to impress the new parents of the little 6eme class (year sevens). Then after the parents left, for lunch he had a lovely undercooked pink sausage on a packet mash potato splodge topped off with a puddle of Gravy. He hated it but as it was only his first day he had hope for the future.

The next day the whole school had an integration day. I went to the beach and we played ball games. Luckily I didn’t have to experience the canteen that day as we had to take a packed lunch which I really enjoyed as my mother prides herself on making the best and healthiest packed lunches. At that point I had no idea what was to come…

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